FAQ's - Printed Photo Roller Blinds

We try to make our website as simple to use as possible, if there's something you'd like to know or need some help with ordering, please browse through our frequently asked questions below. 

What pictures can I have on my roller blind?
You can choose any image from our GALLERY , or you can have your own photograph or company logo printed on a blind.

I can't find the picture I want?
We have other sources of finding images for you if you want something thats not on our site, just give us a call or email is and we'll try and find it for you. Alternatively you can buy your own image from an online stock photography website such as www.istockphoto.com or shutterstock.com

What size blind can I have?
We can print roller blinds from 600mm to 2500mm. Larger blinds can be printed as panel blinds.

How do I measure for my blind?
1. Measure the width of the window recess (in mm) in three places using the metal measuring tape, and note the smallest measurement. Measure the length in the same way (taking three measurements), from the top of the recess to the sill. Keep in mind that the fabric will be approx 35mm narrower to allow for fittings. This will give you measurements for INSIDE RECESS. PLease give us the FULL recess measurement and we will adjust the material to allow for the fittings.
2. For an outside recess blind, measure the width of the window and allow an extra 5cm either side, to help block out light. Alternatively, if the window has wide mouldings, you can measure so that the blind will be flush with the edges. This will give you a FABRIC WIDTH measurement with the fittings taking up an extra few cm to the sides, so make sure there is plenty of room for them.

What is the difference between 'INSIDE RECESS' and 'FABRIC WIDTH'?
A 'recess' measurement is the one you will need to take when you would like the roller blind to fit and hang INSIDE the window recess.
An 'exact' recess measurement is the one you will need to take when you would like the roller blind to fit and hang OUTSIDE the window recess or flush with your wall. The measurement will be the fabric width you require.

What other options are there?
As mentioned above we can produce panel blinds for large windows or french doors. The chain is on the RIGHT HAND SIDE by default, if you want it on the left just let us know.
For Roller Blinds other options are available such as mesh fabric, and the chain can be plastic or metal.

Will the blinds be delivered with all the fittings and fitting instructions I need?
Yes. Our roller blinds are straightforward and easy to fit. Your roller blind will be made to measure to your exact specification, and supplied ready to fit with all fittings and mechanisms and fitting instructions.

What material is used to make my roller blind?
Our standard dim out blinds are made out of a canvas material which is wipeable, fire retardent and crease resistant. Blackout blinds are on a thicker blackout PVC which is completely blackout.

How will my chosen image look on a roller blind?
If required, we will email you a proof of your chosen photo or image as it will appear on your roller blind.

Please bear in mind that some images will be more suited to portrait-shaped windows, and some to landscape-shaped windows, however we will do our best to crop the image suitably or extend the background. We can also change the colour of your picture or make it black and white.

We have made every effort to make the colours and finishes on screen as close as possible to the colours and finishes of the products you’ll use. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match in colours all monitor settings and screens vary.  A larger sample can be emailed for closer inspection if required.

What size and quality image is suitable for a blind?
Your photograph will need to be taken with a camera at least 4 megapixels and quite high resolution. If youre not sure about an image you can always send it to us for evaluation.

Please ensure you have the full copyright or permission to use an image, we reserve the right to refuse to print any image if it risks copyright infringement or is in our opinion offensive.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS!! Printed blinds are made to measure for you and cannot be returned and resold.

UK Delivery is Free. We can deliver worldwide, although some non EC countries have restrictions on lengths of parcels.
Printed blinds usually take around 5-10 days for delivery.

For further enquiries please ring 01274 421410 or email info@artylicious.co.uk